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SK EMPOWERS Disruptive Entrepreneur Program

#1. LEAP for Entrepreneurs

Lifestyle Entrepreneur Accelerator Program (LEAP) is perfect for emerging entrepreneurs to find your true passion and launch your startup in less than 21 days. Are you ready to finally make this year your year or would you rather watch others succeed? Now you can get a slice of the fast growing trillion dollar internet / ecommerce business.

#2. EMPOWERS Program

The EMPOWERS is a 3-in-1 Program with a perfect combination of coaching, consulting and collaboration. It's if you want to learn Entrepreneur Disruption, Mindset Mastery, Perfecting Pitch Deck, Creating 10X Opportunity, Wealth Building (Human Capital, Intellectual Capital And Financial Capital), SML Enterprise Business Planning, VC Roadshow And Strategy.

#3. Billion Dollar Mobile App

Mobile ABC is an exclusive App Business Consulting (ABC) Program created for small and medium businesses to launch an Apple and or Android mobile app with a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) market plan. With an MVP, you can always pivot your strategy and introduce significant changes to your product, as Twitter and Instagram did.

EMPOWERS Program Design

Level 1. Disruptive Entrepreneur

This program will give you detailed insight into what an entrepreneur disruption is and how to become one. It also emphasizes how to build a business plan that venture capitalists will want to see. It teaches you to show investors what is in it for them.

Level 2. Build a Billion Dollar App

Discover how to create innovative products and services that disrupt markets and change the future. You'll learn the secrets of top companies such as Uber, AirBnB, and Facebook etc so you can model success. You will also explore how few ideas became multi-million dollar startups (last 10 years) in less than 18 months.

Level 3. 10X Growth Mastermind

Most entrepreneurs have innovative ideas but do not know what to do next. Having the potential or urge in you is not enough, you must convert your potential into an opportunity, a live product or service. Learn and grow 10X, learn real-life experience from other CEOs and CXOs through Mastermind and Expert Panel.

Become a Disruptive Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Disruption, Drive And Vision Brilliance Success is a 3-in-1 Master Course that will transform you into a Visionary. You will acquire the required skills, traits and characteristics of a disruptive entrepreneur. Being an Entrepreneur is about experiencing all the ups and downs and balancing personal and business life and it also involves learning how to navigate through them so you still sustain success forever. You will master the 7 building blocks. You will enhance your creativity and will be able to transform your ideas into commercial innovation.
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Digital Media Marketing

A decade ago, marketing and advertising meant putting up billboards and buying radio or placing ads on the television. At the time, a company’s marketing budget was dedicated to producing these awesome posters, pamphlets and jingles. Skip to these recent times, a lot of things have changed. Digital marketing allows small and mid size businesses to compete with a much smaller advertising budget. When managed effectively, it gives them laser-focused control over where and how they spend their money. When you have this kind of control and the data to support decisions, you make smarter ones and will be able to grow your business by attracting clients and end customers from all over the world.
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Designing a 'Business Plan' and perfect 'Pitch Deck'

Money is one thing that keeps the world spinning. Once you start a business, you definitely would not want it crashing down in weeks or months or even a few years. You have done the necessary things, you know what your business goals are, you have clearly defined how your business would run, you have sampled the market, now you need adequate capital to turn this idea into your dream company. How then do you source for funding? That’s right, through the perfect pitch deck and a well designed business plan. We can teach you the art of raising venture capital and help you design a business plan that can raise money.
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Opportunity Unlimited:
10X Growth Mastermind

Some experts say growing 10x is much easier than 2X and I totally agree with them because it has worked very well for us again and again. Once you establish a goal to 10X, you'd see a drastic change in your thinking, thought process, communication, planning, decision-making and you'd naturally establish a bigger brighter and bolder Vision and will take massive action immediately. Our 10X growth strategy and CEO mastermind will empower you to establish a clear Vision Plan Action (VPA) blueprint to drive your quantum growth strategy split into short, medium and long-term plans.
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Wealth Management

Wealth is not just money and assets in a typical startup, SME or even in a large enterprise. Wealth management means accumulation and management of the 3 core capital requirements; Intellectual Capital, Human Capital and Financial Capital. Small scale businesses are prone to many hazards and the worst of them all is low finances and not having the right people. Most of the time, lack of innovation and the core team leads to the premature death of any start-up. Therefore, it is important for all startup entrepreneurs to fully understand that having the first two (Innovative Products with a strong core management team) will naturally attract the third if your looking to raise capital.
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Enterprise Solutions:
Small | Medium | Large Enterprise

Small Business:
Mid-size Business:
Large Enterprise:
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Venture Capital Roadshow

There’s a saying in Los Angeles: “Always be camera ready.” Likewise, it can be said for startups: “Always be investor ready.” Road-shows are one of the few best ways a startups and SMEs can take its brand and message direct to its target audience. A venture capital roadshow is a series of presentations and sales pitch to potential investors. Investors love real-time data, yet many startups fail to have this information in place. So perfect pitch deck along with your business plan and executive summary are most essential when your on a road-show. We your investor ready, we will help you understand the different types of investors and connect you with the right ones.
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A comprehensive business plan is as valuable to an entrepreneur as the holy bible is to a religious person. A business plan details your final goals, processes to reach these goals and strategies to avoid any slip-ups.
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