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  • Entrepreneur Lifestyle

    Being an Entrepreneur is about experiencing all the ups and downs of life but it also involves learning how to navigate through them so you still attain success in the end, which some don’t want you to know and we are ready to – the evolution of an Entrepreneur’s Life.

  • Marketing

    Some years ago, marketing and advertising meant putting up billboards and buying radio or placing ads on the television. At the time, a company’s marketing budget was dedicated to producing these awesome posters, pamphlets and jingles. Skip to these recent times, a lot of things have changed.

  • Pitch Deck

    Money is one thing that keeps the world spinning. Once you start a business, you definitely would not want it crashing down in weeks or months or even a few years. You have done the necessary things, you know what your business goals are, you have clearly defined how your business would run, you have sampled the market, now you need money to turn this idea into your dream company. How then do you source for funding? That’s right, through the perfect pitch deck.

  • Opportunity 10X

    A vision based on disruption is pivotal in helping your business to grow 10 times faster than ever before. Improving the business’ efficiency, creating value and being more resourceful will lead you to business success.

  • Wealth Management

    Small scale businesses are prone to many hazards and the worst of them all is low finances. Most of the time, lack of finances leads to the premature death of any start-up. Therefore, it is important for all business owners to fully understand everything about their financial status.

  • Expansion

    Expansion is defined as the worldwide movement toward economic, financial, trade, and communications integration. It is a business strategy aimed at increasing revenue and customer base through strategic partnership, networking and taking business decisions. Going global involves taking your product or service to other countries so as to expand your market.

  • Roadshow

    Road-shows are one of the few best ways a Business can take its brand and message direct to its target audience. These events essentially bring together customers, investors, partners etc for thought leadership, product demonstrations and networking.

  • Strategy

    A comprehensive Business Plan is as valuable to an Entrepreneur as the Holy Bible is to a religious person. A Business Plan details your final goals, processes to reach these goals and strategies to avoid any slip-ups.

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