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    Coaching | Consulting | Collaboration

    Our cognitive consulting approach will empower small, medium enterprises especially your top and senior management team to learn, plan, grow and succeed within a short period of time. We can help you launch new startup or innovate and test new products or design to launch a highly scalable startup venture or even a subsidiary from concept to product innovation and go to market. Our experts consult startups to adopt high-growth strategy and we have helped fast growing companies to become a market leader.

    Creative Coaching

    Coaching the core management team using EMPOWERS Coaching Method involves extensive and exclusive research to solve business problems and find key success factors. The EMPOWERS Program covers Entrepreneur Disruption, Mindset Mastery, Perfecting Pitch Deck, Creating 10X Opportunity, Wealth Building (Human Capital, Intellectual Capital and Financial Capital), SML Enterprise Business Planning, VC Roadshow and Strategic Marketing.

    Cognitive Consulting

    Our Cognitive Consulting has helped several startups, small and mid size companies to experience hyper-growth and quantum leap business development. Our cognitive approach is relatively a modern method to consumer behavior that focuses on how our customers think and like by studying the niches and interest groups. We work with our members and partner organization to deliver CORE consulting services as listed below.

    Strategic Knowledge Collaboration

    Strategic Knowledge (SK) Partnership is a competitive collaboration linked with creativity and commercial innovation. Our alliance will enable us to empower your management with out tag team, right tools and emerging technologies. Our team of CXO’s and Experts will work with your team for the sole purpose of creating new products via breakthrough ideas that will result in product innovation, business model disruption, technology development and growth modelling.

    Our Core Consulting Programs

    Lifestyle Entrepreneur Accelerator Program ( LEAP )

    For Solopreneurs and Emerging Entrepreneurs
    • Learn, Launch, Leverage and become a market Leader.
    • Lifestyle Entrepreneur Program has FIVE Line of Business.
    • Digital Entrepreneur: Offer Digital Media Marketing Services.
    • Ecommerce Entrepreneur: Build your ECOM brand online.
    • Consulting Entrepreneur: Launch your consulting venture.
    • Coaching Entrepreneur: Start your coaching business online.

    Business Modelling and Planning

    Discover, learn and master the art of raising venture capital. Strategic Business Plan Program will enable you to design a investor friendly business plan.
    • Product Development Plan: Product, Solutions and Services.
    • Strategic Marketing Plan: Markets, lead gen & digital marketing
    • Executive Summary: Seven key sections in less than 2-3 pages.
    • Strategic Business Plan with Innovative business model.
    • Financials: Projected BS, Income  and Cash-flow Statements.
    • Valuation, capital required, application of funds, BE Analysis.

    Pitch Deck Creation (DeckWork)

    A pitch deck is a brief presentation, often created using PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi, used to provide your audience with a quick overview of your business plan. You will usually use your pitch deck during face-to-face or online meetings with potential investors, customers, partners, and co-founders.
    • Vision and Value Proposition. The Problem and Solution.
    • Team, Target Market and Opportunity.
    • Business Model – UCA, USP, UVP and Revenue Model.
    • Product, Innovation, Traction, Market and Competition.
    • Valuation, Financials and Investment and Application of funds.

    Venture Capital Roadshow ( VCR )

    A Venture Capital Roadshow is a series of presentations and sales pitch made in various locations to potential investors to receive angel funding or venture capital.
    • Understanding funding types both debt and equity structure.
    • Business accelerator and incubation programs offer start-ups low cost space, business services and essential resources.
    • Seed capital can be accessed to get a new venture started.
    • Angel investor also known as a high net worth individual.
    • Venture Capital: Early and later stage venture funding.

    Strategic Marketing Plan

    Strategic Marketing Plan includes market research and study, offline marketing, online digital marketing and lead generation and conversion strategy.
    • Market research, demographic study and marketing plan.
    • Social Media Marketing and Content Management.
    • Search Engine Optimization and Advertising Management.
    • Digital media, viral video marketing and channel strategy.
    • 3C Marketing: Create traffic, Capture Leads and Convert Sales.
    • Ecommerce and Marketplace: Launch your own eCommerce brand.

    10X Growth Strategy Consulting

    The 10 Core components of 10X Blueprint is given below.
    • Discovering Disruptive Ideas.
    • Creative Vision And Product Innovation.
    • Business Modelling And Vision Architecture.
    • Creative Development And Outsourcing.
    • Human Capital Development & Team Empowerment.
    • Branding, PR And Strategic Digital Marketing.
    • Sales Force Management And Ecommerce Sales.
    • Market Research And Global Expansion Planning.
    • Business Development & Channel Partnerships.
    • Strategic Business Planning And Financial Modeling.

    App Business Consulting (Mobile ABC)

    Mobile ABC - App Business Consulting is an amazing FIVE step-by-step strategy to launch your App in less than FIVE weeks and go to market. The steps are;
    • Step 1: Attend ABC Bootcamp to create your own App idea in 48 Hours.
    • Step 2: Launch your Mobile responsive website for your App Business.
    • Step 3: Design, develop and launch a Mobile ECommerce Store and App.
    • Step 4: App Business: You can create a MVP App Business Model
    • Step 5: App Innovation: Launch a fully functional app for people to download.

    EMPOWERS Strategic Partner (ACP)

    Become a Authorized Consulting Partner (ACP) to learn, master and launch your Strategic Consulting Venture Online. You can make millions by mastering how to make high-ticket sales.
    • Learn and master the Coaching + Consulting Business Model.
    • Master SK Empowers Consulting Program with our team.
    • Start your coaching and consulting business online.
    • Driving qualified traffic, create a working sales funnel online.
    • Mastering High-ticket consulting sales strategy.
    • SK Empowers team will do branding and guide you to succeed.

    Why Choose Us?

    25 Years of Successful Track Record

    Our founding philosophy ‘Vision, Brilliance, Success’ along with our Core Values powered by integrity, ethics and compliance has enabled us to sustain success over two decades.

    360 Degree Approach: Coaching, Consulting and Collaboration

    Our Coaching and Consulting programs along with strategic advisory and mentoring will improve productivity, increase growth and revenues. Our collaboration efforts will act as a strong backbone for you to sustain success.

    Innovative Partner: Product and Business Innovation

    Our Unique Competitive Advantage (UCA) is to help you reinvent yourself and find new opportunities to grow rapidly and expand. We are driven by passion and result so our association will definitely  lead to commercial product and business innovation.

    Launch Partner: Establishing Vision Plan Action Blueprint

    Vision Plan Action (VPA): Our fundamental secret to success is the VPA blueprint. We will enhance your core values, goals and objectives by establishing a clear cut Vision, and then design a rock-solid Plan (The VPA Blueprint) and empower you to take ‘Massive Action.’

    Growth Partner: 10X Growth Strategy Mastermind

    Research says, it usually take more time and resources to achieve 2X versus 10X results, so why not, lets establish a 10X growth strategy mastermind and go for it.

    Strategic Partner: Strategic Planning and Implementation

    SK Empowers means, Strategic Knowledge would always Empower you to achieve long-term growth and sustained success. You will be prepared even during worst business conditions.

    Learn, Launch and Grow 10X. Don't miss out on our FREE 10X Growth Workshop