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    Association of Creators and Entrepreneurs (ACE) was relaunched with a 'New Vision' to empower deserving startups, entrepreneurs, innovators and visionary's. ACE offers various membership levels including free membership. Join ACE today!

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    ACE awards committee surveys and ranks the best 50 Enterprises and Entrepreneurs every year under various categories. Apply now and get recognized.

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    ACE members receive exclusive benefits and special privileges under various categories such as Associates, Professional, Solopreneur, Entrepreneur and CEO Elite.

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    Association of Creators and Entrepreneurs (formerly known as Global Entrepreneurs Network) is now sponsored by SK University, Best Enterprise and managed by SK Empowers Team.

      Cognitive Consulting :
      Our CORE Services.

      Cognitive Consulting is a hybrid consulting methodology that blends art and science to provide customized business solutions.
      • We help our clients through every step of the business process: providing consultation, market research analysis, creative development, team building, workshops, coaching, consulting and strategy planning and implementation.
      • Cognitive Consulting is the “Gold Standard in Creative Thinking.” We go through the process of balancing the right mix of logical and creative ideas, thoughts and implementation strategy.
      • Our processes and methodologies are tailored to fit across industries and can be customized for specific organizational needs.

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      You can join ACE today and receive exclusive consulting from our global team of experts who are successful CXO's to have precise know-how and information on how you can model your business. You may collaborate with SK Empowers expert team to implement 10X growth strategies and to launch innovative business models for rapid growth without having to hire a bunch of C-level and senior management executives.

      From Idea To Exit

      Learn and master how to launch, grow and succeed from concept to completion.

      Billion Dollar Innovation

      Dream big, discover ideas and transform your ideas into commercial innovation.

      Disruptive Business Model

      Discover how to create innovative products, services and business models that can disrupt markets, create huge impact and change the future.

      10X Growth Strategy

      Research says, it takes the same time to grow 2X versus 10X so lets create a strategic blueprint to grow 10 times in 3-5 years.

      Biz Plan & Pitch Deck

      Learn the art of raising venture capital by designing a strategic business plan and pitch deck to attract investors.

      Venture Capital (VCR)

      A VC Roadshow is a series of presentations / sales pitch made in various locations to potential investors to receive angel funding or venture capital.

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